My First Blog Post

my first blog post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. I have no idea what I am doing and have put this off for so long. I would be so happy and grateful if you stick around through this learning process. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

The Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuzniar- blog tour!

Hi everyone,

How are you?

Today I am excited to be reviewing the ship of shadows by Maria Kuzniar! Thank you so much to Maria and Dave for letting me take part in this tour!


Aleja whiles away her days in her family’s dusty tavern in Seville, dreaming of distant lands and believing in the kind of magic that she’s only ever read about in books. After all, she’s always being told that girls can’t be explorers.

But her life is changed forever when adventure comes for her in the form of a fabled vessel called the Ship of Shadows. Crewed by a band of ruthless women, with cabin walls dripping with secrets, the ship has sailed right out of a legend. And it wants Aleja.

Once on board its shadowy deck, she begins to realize that the sea holds more secrets than she ever could have imagined. The crew are desperately seeking something, and their path will take them through treacherous waters and force them to confront nightmare creatures and pitch-dark magic. It will take all of Aleja’s strength and courage to gain the trust of her fellow pirates – and discover what they are risking everything to find.

My thoughts;

Once again taking part in a blog tour helps me find a new favourite. I knew I was going to enjoy this book after hearing so many great things but, whilst hoping it would be a new favourite I didn’t want to get my hopes up to soon. Turns out I didn’t need to worry because that’s exactly what it is!

First of all let’s talk about CAKE shall we! If I didn’t have cake on my birthday, I don’t think I would bother celebrating and yes, I do have more than one cake hehe. There were so many great things about this book but I would be lying if I didn’t say that the cake is my favourite part!

CAKE!!!! Ok, enough with the cake hehe let’s talk about something else that I loved about this book. The question is where do I start? Magic, pirate ships, all girl pirate crew, more cake :). Lets start with…

Magic! If I could only use one word to sum up the magic in this book it would be ‘unique’! I have never seen magic used in this way and I loved how it connected to the ship, you never knew what was going to appear within the ship next! I don’t want to say to much in case I spoil it so you will just have to read it for yourself.

Alija our main character is looking for adventure and has a yen to explore the world. But she constantly being told that she will never be able to do so. I really loved Alija as a character, she was so well written. Frances never goes anywhere without cake, my type of person. I wish I could get away with eating cake all the time but I would end up looking like a cake haha. All the characters on this ship were so interesting and whilst I loved some of them individually because I connected to them more personally, they all brought something to the story and where so lovable as a collective all pirate girl crew (I don’t think that is a sentence, but just go with it)!

Basically this book was fantastic! There is only one complaint I have about this book… it made me want cake and I don’t have any excuse for having any *sigh*. If you love pirates, friendships, magic, adventure, sprinkled with a pinch of action and LOTS OF CAKE then I recommend reading this book… seriously read it!!!! Book 2 better come out soon!!! Maria, where is book 2???????

Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Author bio:

Maria Kuzniar spent six years living in Spain, teaching English and travelling the world, which inspired her debut novel The Ship of Shadows. Now she lives in Nottingham with her husband, where she reads and writes as much as she can and bookstagrams at @cosyreads. She is always planning her next adventure.

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The Summoned Ones by Darryl A. Woods- Blog Tour!

Hi everyone,

How are you?

Today is my spot on the blog tour for the summoned ones‘ by Darryl A. Woods. Thank you so much to Darryl and to Emma (@damppebbles) for letting me take part in this tour!


The Bericean army was in Malabrim for the ninth straight fighting season. Over the past 9 years, Zybaro, the leader of a small band of unknowns, had evolved from his days as a minor usurper of a tiny kingdom. Now, almost the entire country of Malabrim was under Zybaro’s control, and his army was large enough to easily challenge Bericea’s army. Still, Bericea continued its raids into Malabrim, hoping to stem Zybaro’s methodical progress and thwart his tyrannical means of control. Zybaro had seized village after village, forcing anyone capable of joining his army and enslaving all who remained in deplorable working conditions to supply his army.

This latest conflict with Zybaro had pushed General Darnon to a decision, one he had resisted making for over a year. Though he still held grave reservations about the Prophecies, he was willing to support the clerics who would attempt the summoning. The details of the ritual had recently been discovered in an ancient tome. The clerics were confident they could bring forth the Summoned Ones of Prophecy, those mysterious beings who would aid Bericea in its time of greatest need.

Darnon also had concerns about the location of the summoning. It would have to take place farther into Malabrim than they had ventured in many years. And even if the ritual was effective, it would be a great challenge to get the Summoned Ones safely back to Bericea, in addition to the soldiers sent to protect them. However, Darnon felt that morale was so low, if they survived this battle, he owed his troops the hope the summoning ritual could bring.

Join the soldiers of Bericea and the Summoned Ones through a life-or-death struggle. The Summoned Ones was made up of a small college aged group of friends from a small Kentucky town near the Daniel Boone National Forrest, who find themselves somehow brought to a chaotic world through magic. Their epic journey will push the Summoned beyond the limits of their endurance. This unlikely group will discover many truths about themselves and experience another world beyond their imagination.

My thoughts:

Part of the reason why I love blog tours so much is because they introduce me to books that I probably would never of heard of before. The summoned ones is the perfect example. I had never heard of this book or the author but was immediately drawn to the synopsis for this book.

Straight away, the prologue thrusts us straight into the action, a battle scene and an introduction to two of our main (ish) characters. This first scene really did have me hooked, even though the first chapter had a lot of info dumping and introduction to the characters, I was still intrigued by the world and where the story was going to go.

I loved the world building in this book. The descriptions of the world they are thrust into and the creatures they encounter are so well done, I could picture both vividly. The strategies for all the battles where also described in detail which for me was really interesting.

There are so many characters in this book and we spend a lot of time getting to know them all which, is part of the reason why it takes so long to get into the main part of the story. But it helped (me personally) know each character individually and worry for the characters more when the got into danger. I don’t know who I would pick as a favourite but I liked Pattie a lot and Elinack and Kail but, I like so many others.

The magic system in this world is so unique. I was fascinated that the magic was linked to music and while the synopsis was the first thing that drew me to this book, the magic system was one of the main things that kept me hooked until the very end.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The magic system and world building where so well done. Whilst the first couple of chapters of this book do drag a bit (minus the prologue) the story does pick up so don’t be discouraged by the first 40 ish pages. I will more than likely pick up book 2, I’m really interested to see where this story is going to go.

Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Author bio:

Darryl Woods is a storyteller who hones his craft entertaining coworkers. He also enjoys regaling family and friends with stories of his upbringing in rural Ohio, of the motorized contraptions his father fabricated, and of the timber cutting and sawmill work he did with his father-in-law. With an appetite for reading fantasy, it was inevitable he would choose to write about an epic journey in a world dominated by magic and sword fighting. 

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Knightmare Arcanist by Shami Stovall- Blog Tour!

Hi everyone,

Today is my spot on the tour for knightmare Arcanist by Shami Stovall. Thank you so much to Shami and Dave for letting me take part in this tour!


Magic. Sailing. A murderer among heroes. 

Gravedigger Volke Savan wants nothing more than to be like his hero, the legendary magical swashbuckler, Gregory Ruma. First he needs to become an arcanist, someone capable of wielding magic, which requires bonding with a mythical creature. And he’ll take anything—a pegasus, a griffin, a ravenous hydra—maybe even a leviathan, like Ruma. 

So when Volke stumbles across a knightmare, a creature made of shadow and terror, he has no reservations. But the knightmare knows a terrible secret: Ruma is a murderer out to spread corrupted magic throughout their island nation. He’s already killed a population of phoenixes and he intends to kill even more. 

In order to protect his home, his adopted sister, and the girl he admires from afar, Volke will need to confront his hero, the Master Arcanist Gregory Ruma.

My thoughts:

I had never heard of this book before this blog tour and I am so glad I got to be a part of it otherwise I would of been missing out on another amazing read. I don’t have time to fall in love with another series right now but guess what… I have!

I loved our main character Volke and Illia as well. Volke is trying to become someone and make something of himself in a world where he has very little opportunity to do so. I loved seeing him grow throughout the story and can’t wait to see more of his development in future books. Whilst I loved both Volke and Illia individually I also loved seeing their relationship grow. I also grew to like Atty and Zaxis characters as the story progressed.

I love magical creatures in books and the unique way that Stovall created a magic system that draws on the bonding with a creature is so different and interesting. Another thing that Stovall does so well is her enjoyable and imaginative writing style. I was able to picture the world so vividly through her descriptions.

I read a lot of YA and sometimes I feel like I am reading to much of the same things but Stovall has created a world that I really loved to read about and explore. It was refreshing to read something different, a world that I had to learn about instead of something I have seen a million times before.

I really, strongly, truly recommend this book to anyone who loves YA fantasy, intricate and unique magic systems with a fascinating world Will and to anyone who is looking to get into the fantasy genre. Will I read the rest in the series? Of course… now to just find the time hehe! Pick up this book if you haven’t already.

Rating: 4.5 🌟

Author bio:


Shami Stovall is a multi-award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction, with several best-selling novels under her belt. Before that, she taught history and criminal law at the college level, and loved every second. When she’s not reading fascinating articles and books about ancient China or the Byzantine Empire, Stovall can be found playing way too many video games, especially RPGs and tactics simulators.

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June Wrap Up!

Hi everyone,

how are you?

I hope are all well!

Today I am going to be doing my June wrap up! This is my biggest wrap up I think I have ever had. I read a total of 30 books this month! I’m not going to lie and say that I am not impressed with myself this month😂.

I was going to count how many books I have per star rating but I’m not even going to attempt it lol. So let’s just get into the books I read in June:

5 star reads;

Promises forged (venators book 2) by Devri Walls

I am in loveeee with this series! I loved book 2 even more than I loved book 1! I can’t wait to move onto book 3! Beltrannnnnnnn…. that’s all I have to say!!! If you want to know more of my thoughts check out my review .

A witch in love by Ruth Warburton

I also read ‘A witch alone’ by Ruth Warburton. I gave book 1 and 2 five stars. This series is so nostalgic for me. I have reread this series more times than Harry Potter. It was the first trilogy I ever read and it holds a special place in my heart.

When wishes bleed by Casey L. Bond

I saw this book on kindle unlimited and the cover really intrigued me. Then I read the synopsis and realised that it was for fans of ‘the selection’ and ‘the hunger games’ and I was sold. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed! If you love the hunger games and the selection or one of these two then I recommend picking up ‘when wishes bleed’.

The fifth curse by Cindy Stark

Most of these I gave 5 stars so I’m putting them here lol. This is the fifth book in the ‘teas and temptations’ series. I then read book 6,7,8 and 9 which are ‘It’s all sixes‘, ‘Spellbound seven‘, ‘Elemental eight‘ and ‘Nefarious nine’. I gave 1,2,3 and 7 4.5 stars and 4,5,6,8 and 9 5 stars! I don’t want to read book 10 yet because I think it is the last book in the series and I don’t want this series to end😢.

Crossing in time by D. L. Orton

I love taking part in TheWriteReads blog tours because it allows me to find amazing reads that I probably wouldn’t of heard of. I’ve read many time travel books but this is one of my favourites. I’m definitely going to continue with the series sometime. Check out my review .

The book thief by Markus Zusak

I had such a great time buddy reading this book with Asha. When I read this many years ago I didn’t appreciate as much as I do now. I forgot so much of the details and the characters I disliked them I really like now. I’m so glad I reread this book!

4.5 star reads;

The girl of fire and thorns by Rae Carson

Rae Carson has become a favourite author of mine. I’m so glad I read this book, it’s such a great book with amazing character development and world building. I have ‘walk the earth a stranger’ (her other series) on my shelf and am so eager to get to it! But I also want to read the next book in this series ‘the crown of embers’.

Alice in murderland by Samantha Silver

I also read the rest of the series which includes ‘Murder on the Oregan express’, The very killer caterpillar’, ‘Death Quixote’, ‘Pride and premeditation and ‘Wurthering Homocide’. I gave all of them 4 stars besides book 6 (withering homocides) which I gave 4.5. I really enjoyed this series, it was so fun and entertaining.

4 star reads;

His scandalous lessons by Karina Kendrick

Katrina Kendrick was an author I had heard great things about but I hadn’t read any of her books. I was scrolling through kindle unlimited and saw this there and read it straight away. This was such a great read. It’s perfect if you are looking for a light romance read!

Everything to lose by Gordon Bickerstaff

This is another example of a book a I would never of heard of without a blog tour. I liked this book a lot. It has action and humour, science and mystery. I loved learning about the scientific aspect and couldn’t put this book down. For my full thoughts check out my review .

American royals by Katherine McGee

I was worried I wasn’t going to like this book because I had such high expectations with all the hype it was getting but I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t wait to get to book 2 which comes out really soon, which I’m so glad about because I can’t wait any longer, I need to know what happens!!!!

Orphans of the tide by Struan Murray

This was a fun Middle Grade Book. I wouldn’t read it again but I enjoyed myself whilst reading it. I will be picking up book 2 eventually though as I want to see what happens next.

The iron king by Julie Kagawa

I felt like I missed the hype with this one until Noly read it and told me it was really good! I trust her recommendation so I decided to give it a go and I wasn’t disappointed. Whilst some of it was very predictable YA stuff I still really enjoyed it.

An outlawed heiress and her duke by Denise Daye

This book is a historical romance book with a classic ‘girl dresses as boytrope! Whilst this may not be everyone’s kind of trope I love it! I really liked the main characters. I read this book so fast, I couldn’t put it down. I want to find another book like this!

Better witch next time by Stephanie Damon

I was looking for a witchy murder mystery on kindle unlimited but came across this series. It’s a time travel witchy murder mystery with a hint of romance! It’s everything I love in a novel tied together! Each book in the series follows different characters but as far as I know they do connect together. I’m going to be reading the next in the series in July because I can’t wait.

3.5 star reads;

Broom mates by Morgana Best

I gave this book 3.5 stars. I also read book 2 ‘Broom with a view’ by Morgana Best which I gave 4 stars. I enjoyed this series when I read it but I don’t know whether I’m going to read more of the series.

Is the broom fits by Sarah Bourgeois

Another good witchy mystery book. I really like Sarah Bourgeois writing style. This series is so long I’m a little intimidated but they are fast and short so it shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully I will get to them soon!

Black magic kitten by Sarah Bourgeois

I was a little disappointed with this one. I liked it but there was something about it that annoyed me and I don’t know what it was😂. I don’t think I will be continuing on eight the series but it was an ok read.

Wilder girls by Rory Powers

I DNF’d this book at about 125 pages. I don’t know whether it was that I was reading about a pandemic during a pandemic that I didn’t like about this book or whether it was the writing style but I just didn’t click with it at the time. I might read it again some day but for now it’s just not for me.

Phew 😅 that took a while. I’m really excited about July. There are so many great readathons Im looking forward to taking part in! What are you all reading in July? How did your June reading month go? Let me know in the comments down below and let’s chat!

Thank you so much for reading!

June Book Haul

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be doing my June book haul. I’m really proud of myself this month. I only bought 4 books! I think that is the least books I have bought in a month in over a year.

Although, I am only 3 days into July and have already bought 2 physical book and 4 ebooks😬. I knew it wouldn’t last long lol. I don’t have anything else to say so let’s just get into the books I bought in June.

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Harper Price, peerless Southern belle, was born ready for a Homecoming tiara. But after a strange run-in at the dance imbues her with incredible abilities, Harper’s destiny takes a turn for the seriously weird. She becomes a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with agility, super strength and lethal fighting instincts.

Just when life can’t get any more disastrously crazy, Harper finds out who she’s charged to protect: David Stark, school reporter, subject of a mysterious prophecy and possibly Harper’s least favorite person. But things get complicated when Harper starts falling for him—and discovers that David’s own fate could very well be to destroy Earth.

With snappy banter, cotillion dresses, non-stop action and a touch of magic, this new young adult series from bestseller Rachel Hawkins is going to make y’all beg for more.

Rebel belle has been on my tbr for over 2 years. When I was trying to pick my BookoplAthon paranormal prompt I found out that this book has paranormal elements which is something I didn’t know although, I’m not sure how I didn’t know😂. I’ve been wanting to read a book by Rachel Hawkins and this one sounds like something I would really enjoy!

So this is love by Elizabeth Lim

What if Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper? Unable to prove that she’s the missing princess, and unable to bear life under Lady Tremaine any longer, Cinderella attempts a fresh start, looking for work at the palace as a seamstress. But when the Grand Duke appoints her to serve under the king’s visiting sister, Cinderella becomes witness to a grand conspiracy to take the king-and the prince-out of power, as well as a longstanding prejudice against fairies, including Cinderella’s own Fairy Godmother. Faced with questions of love and loyalty to the kingdom, Cinderella must find a way to stop the villains of past and present . . . before it’s too late.

I now own and have read every book in the twisted tales series apart from mirror mirror. I’ve heard really great things about this one and the author of this twisted tale (Elizabeth Lim) also wrote spin the dawn, which is another book I want to read so hopefully I will like her writing.

Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens

For years, rumors of the “Marsh Girl” have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the gulls and lessons in the sand. Then the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life–until the unthinkable happens.

Perfect for fans of Barbara Kingsolver and Karen Russell, Where the Crawdads Sing is at once an exquisite ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, and a surprising tale of possible murder. Owens reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps.

Where the crawdads sing is a really popular book and I have heard really great things from so many people. I think this book is going to hit me in the feels and it has a mysterious vibe to it! I can’t wait to read this one!

Ginger bread by Helen Oyeyemi

Influenced by the mysterious place gingerbread holds in classic children’s stories–equal parts wholesome and uncanny, from the tantalizing witch’s house in “Hansel and Gretel” to the man-shaped confection who one day decides to run as fast as he can–beloved novelist Helen Oyeyemi invites readers into a delightful tale of a surprising family legacy, in which the inheritance is a recipe.

Perdita Lee may appear to be your average British schoolgirl; Harriet Lee may seem just a working mother trying to penetrate the school social hierarchy; but there are signs that they might not be as normal as they think they are. For one thing, they share a gold-painted, seventh-floor walk-up apartment with some surprisingly verbal vegetation. And then there’s the gingerbread they make. Londoners may find themselves able to take or leave it, but it’s very popular in Druhástrana, the far-away (and, according to Wikipedia, non-existent) land of Harriet Lee’s early youth. In fact, the world’s truest lover of the Lee family gingerbread is Harriet’s charismatic childhood friend, Gretel Kercheval–a figure who seems to have had a hand in everything (good or bad) that has happened to Harriet since they met.

Decades later, when teenaged Perdita sets out to find her mother’s long-lost friend, it prompts a new telling of Harriet’s story. As the book follows the Lees through encounters with jealousy, ambition, family grudges, work, wealth, and real estate, gingerbread seems to be the one thing that reliably holds a constant value. Endlessly surprising and satisfying, written with Helen Oyeyemi’s inimitable style and imagination, it is a true feast for the reader.

I got this book in my chocolate and book subscription box for June. Even after reading the synopsis I don’t really know what this one is about lol. It sounds like a very unique book though so I can’t wait to get to it soon!

Thomas Wildus and the book of sorrows by J. A. Bergen

Thomas thinks he’s an ordinary twelve year old, but when a strange little man with gold-flecked eyes gives him an ancient text called The Book of Sorrows, the world he knows is turned upside down. Suddenly he’s faced with a secret family legacy, powers he can hardly begin to understand, and an enemy bent on destroying everything he holds dear. The more he reads and discovers, the deeper the danger to himself and the people he loves. As the race to the final showdown unfolds, Thomas must turn to trusted friends and uncertain allies as he seeks to prevent destruction at an epic scale.

If you saw me July tbr post you know that this book is one of our book of the month picks for our book club (Middle Grade Marvels). I can’t remember exactly how it happened but Noly was offered this book for our book club by the publisher. I’ve already started this book at the time this is posted and I am really enjoying it so far and I can’t wait to discuss it with everyone.

This book haul is a mixture of a bit of everything (my favourite kind of book hauls, I love a bit of variety) and I can’t wait to get to everyone of them!

Have you read any of these? If not, Did any of the books on this list catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat!

Thank you so much for reading!

July TBR!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the next month of me being an overly ambitious idiot! There are 33 books on this tbr. Will I finish all of them? No, Am I going to foolishly try? Of course I am because like I said, I am an idiot!😁

I’m also having a difficult time trying to decide which readathons I am going to take part in. I’m thinking of maybe joining the second chance readathon which is an all month readathon, as well as beccas 48hour bookopathon or if I might do one that takes place later on in the month which is the @JoinTheSix readathon which takes place from July 27th to August 5th, But then there are a few others that I am interested in as well.

But the readathon I will definitely be taking part in this month is The reading rush (link to video) which runs from July 20-26th. So let’s start with that tbr first.

Reading Rush TBR:

1- Read a book with a cover that matches the colour of your birthstone.

For this I chose ‘so, this is love’ by Elizabeth Lim. Would you say this is a turquoise or topaz blue? Who knows😂 finding a book that matches the colour of your birthstone is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be lol. I think this is the closest I am going to get to finishing the colour so I’m going with this one regardless of whether it’s the right blue haha.

2- Read a book that starts with the word “the”.

For this I will be reading ‘The secret historyby Donna Tartt. I think this book has been on 3 tbrs now, I need to get to it this month and hopefully with it being part of a readathon it may push me to read it.

3- Read a book that inspired a movie you’ve already seen.

For this I am going to be reading ‘The woman in the window’ by A. J. Finn. I didn’t know what to pick for this one but I have wanted to see the movie for this and read the book so I bent the rule slightly😁. I’ve heard really good things about the book and some good things about the movie so I’m excited to get to this.

4- Read the first book you touch

I think I am going to wait until nearer the time and then just put all my remaining July tbr books on the bed (because there are a lot😂) and the just pick whichever one I touch first with my eyes closed if that makes sense😂.

5- Read a book completely outside of your house.

For this prompt I wanted to choose something small and something I had on my phone so I went with ‘time after time’ by Jenna st. James. This book is under 200 pages and this series is so fast and fun that it it the perfect book to read outside in the garden. Each one of these books is a time travel murder mysteries, each set in different time periods and written by different authors with different characters. I enjoyed the first one and am intrigued to see what I think of the next one because this is an interesting way to set these out and I’m wondering if they all come together in the end🤔.

6- Read a book from a genre you have always wanted to read from.

It took me so long to decide what to read for this one. I tend to read a bit of something from every genre. But the I am starting to get back into historical/spy type books. So I decided to read wolf by wolf‘ by Ryan Graudin. I recently finished ‘the book thief’ by Markus Zusak so this is the perfect time to read this one.

7- Read a book that takes place on a continent different from where you live.

For this prompt I chose ‘The bear and the nightingale’ by Katherine Arden. Yes! I know… this book is on my tbr for the 5th or 6th time, don’t! Just don’t!😂 I am positive I am going to read it this month… maybeee😁

Blog tours:

Knightmare arcanist by Shami Shuvall

I am reading this one as part of a blog tour. I’m really excited for this blog tour, I had never heard of this book before I was asked if I wanted to join the tour and I am so glad I was asked because it sounds so good!

The ship of shadows by Maria Kuzniar

This one is also for a last minute blog tour. Who am I kidding, I couldn’t say no. Especially since it is a middle grade adventure which is my favourite king of middle Grade!

The summoned ones by Darryl A. Woods

The final blog tour I am doing this month is for ‘the summoned ones’ and I can’t remember what this one is about haha. I’m pretty sure has a group of kids who go on a journey and discover a magical world? Don’t quote me but I’m intrigued regardless.

Book club picks: (middle Grade Marvels)

Thomas Wildus and the book of sorrows by J. A. Bergen

Our first book club pick is a book which Noly was offered by a publisher. I am so excited o dive into this one this month and chat about. with everyone and this cover is so pretty!

The jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

The jumbies is our second book club pick for the month. We decided to add some diversity to our group and this is the one that won the pole. I’m really excited about this one too as the synopsis sounds like it’s right up my alley.

Extra Physical tbr:

Wicked fox by Kat Cho

I’ve been wanting to read this one for months now and have never got around to picking it up. I love this cover and the cover for book 2 is😍. I’ve heard great things about this book and I can’t wait to read it.

Serpent and dove by Shelby mahurin

Serpent and dove was one of my most anticipated releases for last year but I never finished it because of my slump. I really want to get to it either this month or if I don’t get round to it, possibly during Halloween season.

Sorcery of thorns by Margaret Rogerson

I’m not sure whether I will get to this this month but I decided to put it on here anyway. I enjoyed an enchantment of ravens by Margaret Rogerson so hopefully I love this one too.

Jade city by Fonda Lee

I really want to read this but I don’t even own it yet so I don’t know why it is on this tbr but just shhh😂. I really hope I get to this one this month. It’s probably one of the ones I am most excited about.

Dreamers pool by Juliet Marillier

I think I have said this before somewhere but this cover is 😍😍Lol. This is one that I am hoping to get to this month but am not going to be angry with myself if I don’t get to it… does that make sense?🙈😂 I have so many books on this tbr that I have had to tell myself that it’s ok if I don’t get to some of them but my brain doesn’t seem to think that’s true, it thinks I should read ALL OF THEM! 🤣

Half the world by Joe Abercrombie

I’m reading one of Joe Abercrombie’s books each month (in order) and this month is half the world but I haven’t finished half a king yet because I only started it yesterday, I’m off to a great start😁.

Aurora rising by Jay kristoff

I want to get to this soon because aurora burning just released. I haven’t read a good sci fi in a few months and I’m hoping this is another favourite because i loved illuminae

The fate of the fallen by Kel Kade

I won this in a giveaway last year and still haven’t read it yet. I had never heard of this book but when I saw the giveaway I looked it up on goodreads and really wanted to read it.

Lifelike by Jay kristoff

I started this book a couple of days ago (June 29th). I have a Jay kristoff/ sci-fi theme going on😂.

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Another beautiful cover! I can’t decide whether I like the US cover better or the UK one. They are both really pretty and I like some things on one and some on the other😆.

Sky in the deep by Adrienne Young

Sky in the deep is another one that had been on my tbr for months and still haven’t gotten to yet. I haven’t read a good Viking book in a while so I’m excited for this one.

Rebel belle by Rachel Hawkins

I will likely use this for the first prompt for beccas BookoplAthon. I didn’t realise this was paranormal but apparently it is which I’m glad about because I have been looking for an excuse to read this one.


Mrs P’s book of secrets by Lorna Grey

Omg! I’m so embarrassed by how long some of these books have been on here🙈. This book has been on every tbr since maybe September last year and I still haven’t read it!!!! This month is the month! I’m setting myself up for failure but just pretend like you believe me… please!

I was a teenage ghost hunter by Brian Henry

another one that has been on every tbr since last year. The only excuse I have for this one is that I want to read it at Halloween.

One? Jennifer L. Cahill

At this point I don’t even have any excuses left so Ermm… it’s here, I’m going to get to it eventually and LEAVE ME ALONE! 😂

Symphony of the wind by Steven McKinnon

I am one chapter through this one as I am writing this post. It has me hooked so far but it is only the first chapter lol. Nothing like a good SFF book!

Duel of fire by Jordan Rivet

Finally a book that hasn’t been on a previous tbr… I don’t think. I’ve heard really good things about this one from friends, other bloggers and booktubers and I can’t wait!

Royal decoy by Heather Frost

Royal courts, political intrigue, romance and sword fights…. yes please!

Invisible in a blue light by Sally Gardner

I’m not sure how to describe this one but I’m five chapters in and loving it!

The peculiar Peggs of riddling woods by Samuel J. Halpin

Peculiar Peggs is a book I have been wanting to read for a while but I’m glad I waited because it is 89p on kindle!

The traitors blade by Sebastian de Castell

So far I own 3 books by Sebastien de castell, all of which are in his spellslinger series. I’m interested to see what I think of Sebastien de castells writing. Hopefully I enjoy it otherwise I have a lot of unread books by him hehe.

Crucible of stars by Erica Lindquist

I saw this one on KU and it seemed like my kind of thing.

Phew 😅 that took a while! Who’s idea was it to have this many books on one tbr… oh, that’s right, mine! SUCH AN IDIOT!!! It’s like I want myself to fail🤣.

If you made it this far, you are just as insane as me and I don’t know how you did it. What are your tbr plans for this month? Are you reading any of these? Let me know in the comments down below and let’s chat!

Oh and If anyone knows of any fun readathons going on this month let me know. I want to do some but I don’t know which ones.

Thank you so much for reading!

Crossing in time by D. L. Orton- Blog Tour!

Thanks so much to Dave and DL Orton for letting take part in this tour.


The past isn’t over, it’s an opening. The future isn’t hidden, it’s a trap. 
If she ever wants to see him again, she’ll have to take the risk.

Fall into this “Funny, Romantic & Harrowing” (Publishers Weekly Starred Review) dystopian love story and prepare to encounter a finicky time machine, a mysterious seashell, and a very clever dog (some sex, some swearing, some violence, but no vampires and absolutely NO ditzes!)

When offered a one-way trip to the past, Isabel sacrifices everything for a chance to change the rapidly deteriorating present–and see her murdered lover one last time. When she arrives twenty years in the past, buck naked and mortally wounded, she has 24 hours to convince a stunned but enraptured nineteen-year-old to change their future. Definitely easier said than done, as success means losing him to a brainy, smart-mouthed bombshell (her younger self), and that’s a heart breaker, save the world or not.

This offbeat tale is about falling madly in love when one is too cynical for such things, letting go of pessimism when it’s the last life jacket on a sinking ship, and racing against the clock when one doesn’t have the proper footwear. It’s a coming-of-age story for old fogeys, a how-to-make-love guide for diehard celibates, and a laugh-out-loud tragedy with a hopeful twist.

My thoughts:

Isabel sacrifices everything to travel to the past to save her deteriorating present. Arriving in the past wounded and naked, she has to try and convince a nineteen year old to change their future. Easy right?

When I first started this book I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard a few mixed things but, for me it was really enjoyable. However, I found the book to be quite slow at the start but it really picked up afterwards and I got sucked into the story.

The romance was at the forefront of the story but I didn’t mind. I love romance in books and I liked the way it was written. Even though I would of liked the time travel aspect to appear earlier on in the story it was nice just to follow Isabel and Diego’s story.

I liked reading from all three POVs(specifically Isabel and Diego) but I also liked matts perspective. I loved the what If? aspect of their relationship, what would happen if they never broke up? I found Isabel to be annoying in some places but she grew on me. Diego was such a sweet character, so kind and loving, I really loved his perspective and his dialogue.

This book has so many aspects to it romance, science fiction, dystopia and action. This book was really well written with great romance and intriguing characters. I will likely continue on with the series at some point. If you like time travel romances where the romance being very much the main aspect of the story doesn’t deter you then I recommend reading this one.

Author bio:


DL ORTON, THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the BETWEEN TWO EVILS series, lives in the foothills of the Rockies where she and her husband are raising three boys, a golden retriever, two Siberian cats, and an extremely long-lived Triops. In her spare time, she’s building a time machine so that someone can go back and do the laundry.

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Amazon UK

Amazon US

Everything to lose by Gordon Bickerstaff- Blog Tour

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be reviewing ‘ everything to lose’ by Gordon Bickerstaff. Thank you so much to Emma and Gordon for letting me take part in this tour!


Scientists claim their new sports drug will boost the performance of every athlete in the world. The Lambeth Group send scientist, Gavin Shawlens, to investigate the claim.

The product is stolen, top athletes disappear, and the research team are unaware that their product has a dangerous side effect. Gavin must stop the sports drug launch before more people die. 

When Gavin disappears – Zoe Tampsin searches frantically to find him before he becomes the next victim.

As if Zoe hasn’t got enough on her plate. Past events in Gavin’s life catch up with him. A powerful US general decides that Gavin must die to prevent exposure of a 60-year old secret capable of world-changing and power-shifting events.

The chase is on

Non-stop thrilling story of a heroine with brains and a skill set for extreme danger. Electric action with bare-knuckle twists.

My thoughts:

I was a little nervous about the science elements that I had heard where present in this book but I needn’t of worried. It was so easy to understand. I also realised that I enjoyed reading from older characters perspective. I’m so used to reading from younger characters, I didn’t even realise that I was reading from mainly younger perspectives until I realised when I started this book. It was refreshing.

The world in which bickerstaff created was so well done. The mystery is introduced in a subtle kind of way in the first couple of chapters, we get to see so many characters introduced and I found myself already trying to figure out who everyone was and how they fitted into the mystery and each others stories. The action scenes in this book are so well done. I could vividly picture the scenes in my mind and even imagine that I was right there in the middle of the action.

Whilst the world had me so engrossed in this story, the thing that captivated me the most was the characters. There were so many but the two main characters where by far my favourite. Our main character is Gavin he is grieving because of a tragedy that happened in his past and they are worried that the pain he is in will effect his work so it’s Zoe’s job to protect him from others and himself. Zoe was such a strong character. She was great at what she does and she knew it but she still felt real and relatable. Protecting people was her number one priority and she had such loyalty and protectiveness over not just her friends but the people she protects also.

Bickerstaff really knows how to write a totally compelling story. I was so hooked that I just kept turning pages, it didn’t matter that I don’t know a lot about science, everything was so well explained. I read this book in 1 day, I couldn’t put it down. There were so many parts to this book mystery, science, action, suspense and so much more, all elements that I enjoy. I’m so glad I got to read this book, I can’t wait to get to the next book in the series after that ending! If this book sounds like your thing, I highly recommend you pick it up!

4 stars! 🌟

Author bio:

I was born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland. I studied biochemistry, and I’ve worked in several Scottish universities where I did research on enzymes, and taught biochemistry. After thirty years of teaching and research I retired my academic pen, and took of a mightier fiction pen. I live in central Scotland with my wife and we enjoy reading, writing, and walking in the hills. The Lambeth Group books follow the secret government investigations of agent Zoe Tampsin. A strong female protagonist with courage, determination, and guile. She is assisted by specialist consultant, Gavin Shawlens.

Purchase links:

Amazon UK

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Book depository

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Promises Forged (Venators Book 2) by Devri Walls- Blog Tour!

Thank you so much to Devri and Dave for letting me take part in this tour!

*THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! the synopsis will be for book 2 also. If you want to know my thoughts on book one you can check them out .


It has been mere days in the world of Eon, where Rune Jenkins, her twin brother Ryker, and their friend Grey have been trapped, fighting for their lives. After discovering the truth of their ancestry, the three are far from home, and far from anything resembling their mundane lives of the past.
While Ryker is still held captive by the eerily beautiful Zio and her goblins, Grey falls into the clutches of Feena, the Fae queen. She begins to drain his soul bit by bit to feed her dark underground garden, and Grey has no hope of escaping on his own.

It is now up to Rune to save Grey, as his precious time slips away inexorably. But the Council has denied her permission to embark on a rescue mission, until she can harness her Venator gifts and prove herself capable of venturing into the Fae queen’s territory. As Rune discovers that promises in Eon are forged with life-or-death consequences, she realizes that she must act quickly, or else be swallowed and Grey along with her by the dangers of Eon.

My thoughts:

Can we just take a second to appreciate how beautiful these covers are… ok moving on. I did not realise how much I missed having these characters in my life Rune, grey, Verida, Tate and last but certainly not least BELTRAN! Who is (and always will be) one of my favourite characters of all time.

Being back in this world is so great! Not only am I being reintroduced to an amazing world and it’s politics but am learning so much more about it. This world is so big and well done that i feel like Devri could write book after book and we still wouldn’t know every detail of this world. You might think that such a world would be highly confusing but it is so well written and so well explained that you grasp it straight away.

With that said the characters definitely make the book at least for me and no I am not just talking about Beltran… maybe. Rune, grew so much as a character throughout the first book but seeing her become an even more amazing her in this book just shows how far her character has grown and Devri’s excellent character development.

After saying all of that, my favourite thing about this book would have to be Beltran, Beltran and oh did I mention Beltran! Yes I am repeating myself and no I don’t regret it. Oh and whatever is happening between Rune and Beltran better happen soon because it’s killing me and I will launch this book at the wall if it doesn’t, I don’t care how pretty this book is!

If you love action, romance, friendships, politics, vast worlds and expertly written characters then this is the book for you! Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to get to book 3 because stuff is about to go down! And that ending…. I NEED IT! READ THIS BOOK and if you haven’t read book one yet… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!

5 stars! 🌟

Author bio:

Devri Walls is a US and international bestselling author. Having released five novels to date, she specializes in all things fantasy and paranormal. She is best known for her uncanny world- building skills and her intricate storylines, and her ability to present this all in an easy-to-digest voice. Now gearing up for her first national release, Devri is excited to introduce her sixth novel, book one in the Venators series. She loves to engage with her loyal following through social media and online sessions she organizes for her readers. Devri lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband and two kids. When not writing she can be found teaching voice lessons, reading, cooking or binge watching whatever show catches her fancy.

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Amazon UK

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Thank you so much for reading!

May Wrap Up!

Hi everyone,

I read 20 books this month! Not my best but considering the reading mood I have been in, it’s not to bad. Do any of you have a mood where you want to read everything at once and yet nothing at all at the same time?… Well that was me this entire month. Buttt I completed the medievalathon so I consider it a win regardless lol.

I have 2 five star reads, 3- 4.5 star reads, 4 four star reads, 9- 3.5 star reads and 2 three star reads! Overall, a really great month!

So starting off with the best books of them month;

5 star reads:

A good girls guide to murder by Holly Jackson

What a book! I had heard so many great things before going into this book but I was still so surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I loved uncovering the mystery along with Pip and the development of Pip and Ravis relationship as the story progressed. I guessed a few things that were uncovered but there were so many things that I didn’t figure out! This is one of my favourite reads of the year so far! I can’t wait to move onto book 2 very soon.

Behind blue eyes by Anna Mocikat

I have loved most of the sci-fi books I have read but this is by far one of my favourites of all. The characters, the science, the action, the world! I loved every second of this book! For my full thoughts, check out my review Here.

4.5 star reads:

The unbound by Victoria Schwab

I have said it once and I will say it again… V. E Schwab is a genius. There isn’t a single book by her that I have read that I didn’t like a lot. There is room for a third book in this series and I hope one day we will get one but the ending was still well done!

Tilly and the Book Wanderers (Pages and co) by Anna James

Pages and co or Tilly and the BookWanderers was the buddy read for the book club I am co-hosting with Ellie from ReadtoRamble and Noly from theartsyreader. This was the best first book we could of chosen for our club. As far as I know everyone taking part in the group chat loved this book! All of my favourite childhood characters where in this one book. I can’t decide what I like so much about this book. Tilly, our main character was so well written and the idea of book wandering is such an interesting concept. I wish I could book wander into my favourite books and meet my favourite characters and book boyfriends😍😁. We are reading nevermoor in June, If you would like to join us then sign up here.

Orion lost by Alistair Chisholm

A middle grade set in space! That was all I needed to know about this book. There was a new twist around every corner that I did not see coming, great characters, friendships and a talking ship! If you love sci-fi and mg I would recommend giving this a go!

4 star reads:

A lady out of time by Caroline Hanson

Another time travel novel! What a badass main character. Do you like the idea of lady spies going back in time to stop the end of the world and then falling in love?… Me too! As well as book 2 ‘A lady most dangerous’ by Caroline Hanson. This duology was really well done. So action pact and funny.

Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 💫 (a lady most dangerous)

P. S I love you by Jo Noelle

This was another great time travel read. I had so much fun with this one, yes, it wasn’t perfect but it was funny and well written. The romance between the two main characters was so lovely to read about. I’m so glad this is a series because I really want to read more of Joes writing and about these characters.

The Earls secret treasure by Nicole Reen

I read this book in one day. I love regency romances set on a pirate ship. I couldn’t get enough of the romance in this book. I was sent this book for review which which should be up sometime this month.

How to take an 18th century selfie by Catherine Hudson

First of all how great is the title of this book! Lol. This book made me laugh out loud so many times. Minor spoilers…

Trying to explain to a 18th century man how a phone works was hilarious… Spoiler ended, lol. This was such a great book and made me feel so happy by the time I had finished it.

3.5 star reads:

Monsters of music by Rebecca F. Kenney

It only took me about 8 months to read this book but I finally did it! I was so excited to read a phantom of the opera retelling. This book was really well written with great romance but it was missing something. I found myself getting distracted or putting it down and not wanting to pick it up but it was an overall fun read, for my full thoughts on this book check out my review Here.

Harrow lake by Kat Ellis

For a book so far out of my comfort zone I was surprised how by the fact that I liked this book. Whilst there were parts I didn’t like and I was bored in places, for the most part it kept me guessing and intrigued. I’m usually a huge fan of romance in books and when I heard that the romance in this book was in the background I didn’t know what to think but it definitely worked well here. For my full thoughts on this book, check out my review Here.

Catalyst by Tracy Richardson

I honestly didn’t know what I would think of this book. The synopsis drew me in but I had heard some mixed things about this book. For the most part I did enjoy it. I was intrigued all the way through up until the very end. For my full thoughts on this book, check out my review Here.

Crown of oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh

I was a little disappointed with this book. I felt it was a bit to long for what it was and found myself bored in some places throughout the book. The concept was so interesting but the execution and pacing were a little disappointing. With that said it wasn’t badly written and the characters where quite interesting.

Trapped in time by Denise Daye

I kind of went through a faze this month where all I wanted to read was time travel or regency romance. This one was one of the most fun I have read in a while. They were just what I was looking for during quarantine, so fun and easy to read and also very short. I also read book 2 ‘A modern lady’ by Denise Daye which was also a great read and a refreshing one. I don’t think I have read many books where the lady goes forward in time instead of back and I enjoyed it as well as the story.

Beyond the moon by Catherine Taylor

I saw this book on the blogoftheday a couple of months ago and really wanted to read it. It was a really great read! It did feel like it dragged a bit in the middle but the novel as a whole was so well written, highly enjoyable and there romance was beautiful!

White tiger by Kylie Chan

A book set in Hong Kong featuring gods and mythology is a concept I had never read about before but liked. The size of this one wasn’t a problem especially with everything we had to learn and learning about the gods made this go by so fast but some parts had me frustrated with characters that irritated me a lot. Apart from that it was a really fun read.

3 star reads:

From bars to ballrooms by Carrie Berkham

Is this the fourth or fifth time travel book on here… I have no idea lol. This is the second in a series but can be read as a stand-alone all of them take place in different time periods with different characters, although there are some that appear in both. I might go back and read book 1 (from suits to kilts) because that one is set in Jacobian Scotland and it sounds really good!

An unexpected gentleman by Laura Beers

Ok I have lost count at the amount of time travel novels on this list but yet another great one lol. I haven’t read anything by Laura beers before and I can’t wait to read more by her.

Wow! That was a lot of books. What did you read during the month of May? Let me know in the comments down below and let’s chat.

Thank you so much for reading!