Mini Book Reviews- Forever, interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid and The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu!

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I wanted to do some reviews of some books that I really enjoyed but I didn’t want them to be full reviews because I find calling them full reviews quite daunting (at least they are for me🙈😂). So I decided to do some mini reviews lol.

So today’s post is going to be some mini reviews of Forever, interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid and the grace of kings by Ken Liu. Two very different books, but both really great in their own way.

Let’s start with forever, interrupted which I gave five stars.

Im not sure what I was expecting when I went into this book but, it certainly wasn’t to fall in love with it. I really liked the flashback scenes. At the beginning they did kind of throw me off as I wasn’t expecting flashbacks (don’t ask me why) but, I liked them more as I continued reading.

Bens mother was quite annoying at times but, I understand they are both grieving and why the mother was hostile towards Elsie. The development of their relationship, the understanding and comfort they provided for each other afterwards was so heartwarming. I loved seeing them develop into family.

This was such a hard hitting and emotional book, I loved the way grief was explored and how Elsie slowly started to heal. Really recommend this one if you are a fan of contemporary romance/ fiction and a fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Next up the grace of kings which I gave 4 stars.

I finally managed to finish this book! Who am I? This book mainly follows Kuni and Mata. Kuni is my favourite character so far as well as jia, I liked her and Kunis dynamic, despite how tragically complicated it was. Ken Liu has such a unique writing style and apparently he doesn’t plan what he writes, which is amazing and shocking to me after reading this. I did find it a bit jarring at times as well as confusing and quite slow at the beginning but I don’t think I helped myself because of the fact that I started it, put it down, picked it back up and then repeated this process a few times before really getting into it lol.

This world is really vast and complex and I can tell that it is only going to grow from here. The gods and there involvement was really interesting and I loved their commentary throughout the book. I honestly can’t decide whether this book is character or plot driven and after I finished this, I still don’t know. So, I can only say that it is both character and plot driven. There is still so much more of this world to explore, so much left to resolve and that ending! I’m going to have to take a break from this series for my emotional well-being😂 but I’m intrigued to see where book 2 is going to go.

If you like your fantasy books confusing, with a lot of characters😁, politics, war and a story that is equal parts plot and character driven, I recommend. It really is worth it, but it isn’t for everyone.

Let me know if you like this style of mini reviews. I might do more of these, I’m not sure. Have you read either of these books? Did you enjoy them? Are you interested in reading them? Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat!

Thank you so much for reading!