Animo by Lisa Ann Rowe-Book Review

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Today I am going to be reviewing animo by Lisa Ann Rowe! Thank you so much lisa for my copy of the book!


Animo is the first book in the Sationem Series. When Willow Awakens with elemental abilities that she shouldn’t have, she unwillingly releases a necromantic witch intent on harvesting souls of innocents. An elemental imbalance occurs, and Willow and Blue must work together to save Sationem before the human realm seeps through. A young adult fantasy novel.

My thoughts:

There is a very brief prologue at the beginning of this book and let me just say, it had me hooked! Yes, the first chapter also drew me into the story but, I was so engrossed in that prologue.

Ignis is a really interesting place to read about! The magic system is really intriguing, I liked that there was elemental magic fire and water I love elemental magic!!! But, there was also necromancy which is was not expecting that make me love this book even more!

I love willow as a character. I love her calm when she is in a crisis and the way she looks after and encourages all the younger members of Ignis. Her relationship with her brother is…. hehe. Some things irritated me, I could see where he was coming from most of the time but, he still got on my nerves in some places. Blue is a really interesting character, I loved his interactions with willow and how much he cared, I can’t wait to see where there relationship goes in book 2.

Ok, so… I just finished this book about 5 minutes ago and all I can say is WHAT… why would you leave it there? I have to know what happens next! Book 2 had better be coming out soon because I need it. If you love magic, brave heroins, great characters and interesting worlds, pick up this book but, be prepared for a cliffhanger!! When is book 2 coming out Lisa because I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

4 🌟

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