September TBR!

Hi everyone,

How are you?

So last month I read a total of books during a reading slump which I am quite proud of😆. However, I did not get to two of the main books that have been on every one of these tbrs for many months… it’s very embarrassing lol. This month I am even more determined than ever to finish both of those books.

Whilst challenging myself to actually complete these two books this month I decided to be a total idiot and take part in a readathon and set a tbr with a total of 39 BOOKS… YES you did read that right, it does say 38!!!! I will never learn😂. But I couldn’t help it, there are so many books I want to get to and my reading taste/mood right now is to just read a bit of everything lol.

The readathons I am planning on taking part in this month are Beccas bookoplathon which runs for the entirety of the month.

I am rambling so let’s get into the books I want to try (emphasis on ‘try’) and read this month because this is going to be a long one😂.

Firstly, I want to start with the book I am currently reading and want to finish today (1st September) and they are;

Half the world by Joe Abercrombie

Im really enjoying this series so far! I want to finish it because I want to know what happens but I also want to go really slowly, ahhh reader struggles lol.

Ok, now let’s get into my actually tbr for September;

Starting off with the two blog tour books:

The inheritance games by Jennifer Lynn. Barnes

My first tour if for the inheritance game! I’m so excited for this book! I don’t think I have ever been this excited for a blog tour!!!! I should of been reading this already but I had two books left that I wanted to finish for the tropical readathon by the end of August. My spot on this tour is the 5th so… I better get reading😬😬.

The beast and the Bethany by Jack Phillips

The second tour I am doing this month is the beast and the Bethany. This was a two month blog tour and I have loved reading everyone’s reviews from August and I’m now even more excited for this book because I don’t think I have read one bad review for this book!

Now for the readathon books and prompts:

My first roll was;

Dark cover- middlegame by seanan McGuire

This is my first choice for this prompt but if I can’t get a hold of a copy I will likely read “the bear and the nightingale” instead. ‘Every heart a doorway’ by seanan McGuire is a book I really enjoyed reading last year and this one sounds even more like my type of read so I can’t wait!

Then I got a community shelf card;

Next in a series- one dark throne by Kendare Blake

I wanted to get at least one of my uncompleted series on the tbr this month so I am so glad I got this prompt. I read ‘three dark crowns’ last year and gave it 4 stars! I’m super excited to be carrying on with this series. I love the really complicated sibling dynamics in this book and the magic, I honestly don’t know which direction this series is going to go in.

My third roll was;

Adult- Vicious by V. E. Schwab

Let’s be honest, would this really be a tbr of mine if I didn’t include Schwab somewhere? Of course not lol. I was putting off starting this duology because until bridge of souls comes out next year they are all the Schwab books I have left to read😬. But, it is time, I can’t put them off any longer hehe.

Then my fourth roll was;

Set in the past- the gang of st brides by Emily Organ

‘The gang at St Brides is the ninth (and final) book in the Penny Green series, a series which I am really enjoying. It’s fun, fast and intriguing. If like me you like murder mysteries set in period England with a romance, then I highly recommend the Penny Green series. I’m sad that this is the final book in the series.

Fifth roll;

Highest rated- Seven crowns by E. V. Everest

This is a book that has intrigued me ever since I saw it on kindle unlimited and the cover is so pretty😍. When I read that it was for fans of cinder and the selection I knew I had to put it on this months tbr. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a really great combination. Little did I know it would fit this prompt, you do not want to know how load I screamed when I realised this was the highest rated book on my goodreads to be read shelf!

6th roll;

TBR Vet- The summoning by Kelley Armstrong

I read this book many many years ago and if I am honest don’t remember a thing that happened. I do remember that, for he most part, I enjoyed it but nothing else🙈. I’m pretty excited to be starting this series again especially since I am in the mood for a good paranormal romance series right now. If anyone had any good recommendations let me know!

7th roll;

Ebook or audiobook- Traitors blade by Sebastien de Castell

Soooooo, I am about 5 chapters into this and had to put it down (which I was disappointed about) to read my readathon books lol. What I have read so far has made me not only excited to continue, but even after reading so little it has made me excited about reading more of Sebastien de Castell’s books because I really like his writing style.

8th roll;

Adult- jade city by Fonda Lee

So this is the start of my embarrassing list of books that have been on a number of tbrs😂. I am sooooo determined to get to these books this month, you have NO idea how annoyed I am with myself🤣.

Then I got a change card;

The secret history by Donna Tartt

So, you are probably saying “I’m sure she said she was going to read this book last month or there would be severe consequences”. Yes, yes I did say that, but do you think I listened to myself and read the book?.. No of course I didn’t! Buttttt, that’s because our buddy read is now in September (I think🙈) so, It DAMN IS, IT WILL be read in September… Ermm… I swear I am fine!

Another community shelf:

Wanting to read for a while- Get a life Chloe brown by Talia Hibbert

Woohoo, a book on here that I haven’t had on tbr before🥳. I have heard such good things about this book and I have heard that it has really good representation so that’s a big plus! I can’t wait to read this!

11th roll;

Small book- The truth about keeping secrets by Savannah Brown

I received this one in a subscription box and don’t know a lot about it (what else is new) but it is a mystery so I’m ok with not knowing much about it and would prefer to go in blind anyway. The title has me asking questions already so I’m really hoping I like this one.

12th roll;

Middlegrade- Keeper of the lost cities by Shannon Messenger

I have had this book on my shelf for over a year and have not read it yet🤦‍♀️. When I saw that it was one of the choices in the poll for our middle grade book club, I was hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that this would be picked and… it was!!🥳🥳😂 I’m so excited that this is out middle grade book pick. If you want to join us the sign up form is here and the twitter is @GradeMarvels.

Other books on my tbr (physical);

The bear and the nightingale by Katherine Arden

🙄🙄🙄anddd we are back to a book that has been on multiple tbrs. This is another one that I WILL definitely be reading in September! I may be reading it in replacement for middlegame if I can’t get hold of that but either way it will be read lol.

Half a war by Joe Abercrombie

Once I finish half the world I am (obviously) going to start half a war, the final book in the shattered sea trilogy. If the first and second book are anything to go on then this is going to become one of my favourites trilogy’s. I’m so excited to get to this third book.

The ten thousand doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

I found out a few days ago (don’t ask me how I didn’t already know before then) that this book is the hypeathonreadathon book pick for September. I have been wanting to read this book ever since it came out and never got around to it. It’s going to be fun reading it forHypeathon! By the way isn’t this cover just stunning😍😍😍.

The good hawk by Joseph Elliott

This is another book I got in a subscription box and know nothing about lol but, I do know that is a somewhat dark fantasy and I have read some really great reviews about it!

Lifelike by Jay kristoff

I have been on chapter two of this book for over a month now🤦‍♀️. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it either it’s just that my slump really scrambled up my reading routine lol. I really want to finish it in September.

Grey sister by Mark Lawrence

This is another uncompleted series I wanted to add to the tbr. I’m hoping to finish this trilogy by the end of October so I can add another completed series to my shelf. Will that actually happen… probably not but I can hope.

A million June’s by Emily Henry

I have also had this one on a few tbrs if I remember correctly. I know Hayley from Hayley in bookland really liked this one and it sounds like my kind of read so I have no excuse for not picking it up sooner.

Of curses and kisses by Sandhya Menon

I think this one has been on a few tbrs also. It’s a beauty and the beast retelling, it’s romance, boarding school with the likelihood of lots of cute scenes so I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet. It’s was the perfect summer read but I always like to read summer books in autumn so I have no excuse if I don’t pick it up this month.

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Now, I know this one has never been on the tbr before🥳🥳yessss! Lol, this is also described as a dark fantasy and I’m so here for it. The reviews I have read all say really great things about it and Catherine Fishers writing so it’s definitely a book I am looking forward to reading.

Dreamers pool by Juliet Marillier

Dreamers pool has only been on the tbr once before so I can let that slide right? Hehe. Juliet Marillier is an author I have really wanted to read from for a long time so I’m really excited to read one of her books.

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Ugh, Another recurring Book😩. I literally have no excuses for not reading this book yet so I don’t know what to say at this point, I’m really annoyed with myself for not having read this book yet!

The shadow between us by Tricia Levenseller

Tricia Levenseller is an author I love, her daughter of the pirate king duology is one a favourite of mine and I’m so excited to be getting into this standalone of hers. It sounds so good!

The kindle books/ebooks I really want to read:

Every sky a grave by Joe Posey

I have been in the mood for sci fi for the past couple of weeks now and when I saw this was 99p I HAD to get it! It still is at the moment but I’m not sure how long it will remain because it’s a limited time deal so if you want a copy I would be quick. I’ll add the link here just in case anyone does and hope that it is still at 99p when I post this. Apparently this is for fans of Star Wars…. like I could say no to that! I can’t wait to get to this one.!

Wicked as you wish by rin chupeco

This is another book I found really cheap on kindle, I think it was around £1.52. When I checked though it had gone back up in price😢. This book apparently has a really sassy firebird which automatically had me sold before I even read the synopsis. Im really excited to finally be reading something by Rin Chupeco!

The blight of muirwood by Jeff Wheeler

I read the first book in this trilogy/series (the wretched of muirwood) a couple of days ago and gave it five stars! I’m super excited to continue with this series and will be reading more by Jeff Wheeler because I really like his writing style.

The girl who drank the moon by Kelley barnhill

Another Middle Grade Book that I am super excited for. I have heard nothing but great things about this book and read nothing but amazing reviews. I really hope I get to it because this tbr is becoming somewhat HUGE!!😂

Royal decoy by Heather Frost

I’m currently 6 chapters through this book, I think I started it in July🙈. I’m in such a mood reading mood (I’m not sure that’s a phrase🤣) lately that I keep picking things up and putting things down and it’s irritating me lol.

The twisted tree by Rachel Burge

I read a brief synopsis of this book and then stopped because it’s sounds really mysterious and atmospheric and I want to go in knowing as little as possible.

Symphony of the wind by Steven McKinnon

I read one chapter of this one in July also then put it down lol. I really want to complete all the books I have read a few chapters of this month because it will stop me being so irritated with myself lol.

Mrs ps book of secrets by Laura Grey

I’m hoping and praying that some of these will be on this tbr for the LAST TIME also! Especially since I feel so awful for not having reviewed them yet🙈.

Forget me not by Anca Antoci

Same goes for this one. I always feel so bad every time I see these books because I know how long the authors have been waiting for the review that I promised months ago that I still haven’t gotten around to doing.

Beneath black sails by Clare Sager

Same with this one as well😬. How pretty is this book though😍😍. I love pirates so I can’t even make an excuse for not reading this!

The awakening of Ren Crown by Anna Zoelle

Another sci fi book that I’m really intrigued by. Hopefully I get around to it this month but I won’t be to annoyed with myself because of the size of this tbr😂. But it would still be nice to get to it.

Beach read by Emily Henry

This seems like the perfect romcom for me right now especially since I’m in such a weird reading mood.

Murder aboard the flying Scotsman by Lee Strauss

I’m really enjoyed this series so far. This is the eighth book in the ginger gold mystery series. This one is set in the 1920s. The Ginger and Hayley’s friendship is one of the main reasons I read this book, besides the romance and mystery😂.

Ahhhhh, so many amazing books so little time😂. I’m trying to read everything all at once and as you can imagine, failing miserably. There are so many more books I want to read this month but I think I already have more than enough lol.

What are you planning on reading this month? Is your tbr as ambitious as this? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thank you so much for reading!