Angel Avenger by Tim Wickenden Book Review!

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be doing a review of Angel Avenger by Tim Wickenden. Thank you so much to Tim and (insert publisher) for my copy of the book. So sorry it’s late, I am so behind on reviews!


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September 1960. In the Spandauer forest Detectives Max Becker and Bastian Döhl, from the Berlin Kriminalpolizei, find a naked, tortured man tied to a tree. A cryptic message hangs from his neck. When another body appears, Max is sure it won’t be the last. The press dub the killer, Der Waldscharfrichter (The Forest Executioner) and graphic tattoos on the bodies suggest that the victims are Russians with a criminal past. 
As more bodies and messages appear, they lead Max and his team to a horrific past event, wounds that run deep in the Berlin psyche, plunging Max into a conflict between his sense of duty and justice. 
In this first thrilling Max Becker novel, meet the detectives that first appeared in ‘Girl Hunter’. As compellingly researched as a Robert Harris novel and fast-paced as a Chris Ryan thriller, the world of Max Becker is never dull! 

My thoughts:

I love anything book that is mystery/ murder related (that sounds good doesn’t it) but I especially love mysteries set during the past and although I have read about wars in the past, I have never read one that focuses after WW11. I love history and loved the German names and history that are woven into the story and found myself trying to pronounce the German names in a German accent. It brought back memories of studying it at A- level.

The mystery was really good and gripping, I was so engrossed with every detail that is placed within this book. I was constantly looking for clues and asking myself questions. I was slightly confused when I first started and getting my head around some of the words was difficult and the different viewpoints but I soon become engrossed in the story. The footnotes were a great addition to the book, I usually find footnotes quite jarring but they helped me to understand better.

Max Becker is a really great character. I loved his perspective. But I was so intrigued by the viewpoint of Angelica, I won’t say to much because of spoilers, just that her perspective was so unique and in a weird way I found myself routing for her and if you knew who she is you would be concerned about me.

Tim has written a detective story that will remain a favourite of mine. I’m interested to read other things by Tim and will definitely be checking out girl hunter.

If you love thrillers or detective stories then this is one you should check out. It will keep you guessing and you will not want to stop reading.

Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 💫

Thank you so much for reading!