❄️January tbr❄️

Hi everyone,

So it’s January 1st! Can you believe it? I know I can’t. So it’s time to do my January tbr and hopefully another successful reading year.

I have 15 books on this list and have some extras in mind but I am not going to put them on here as they are only for when/ if I complete said 15 books.

I am also taking part in the ‘Get sh*t done readathon’ which not only sounds like fun but an incredibly appropriate title am I right?😂 This readathon runs for the whole month of January so from the 1st- 31st and is basically all about catching up on the books you wanted to read but haven’t yet. The challenges for that are as follows:

1. Read a book from a subscription box.

2. Read a book that has been on your tbr the longest.

3. Read a classic you have been meaning to get to.

4. Read a book that you put down.

5. Start or finish a series.

6. Read a book for review or a gift.

There is also a bonus prompt which is to read a book that fits 3 challenges. Since I want to start the year with a bang I decided to do all 6 challenges.

So for prompt one to read a book from a subscription box I decided to wait until my other two books from the sub box’s have arrived so I don’t actually know what I will be reading for this prompt yet🤦‍♀️.

For prompt two which is to read a book that has been on your tbr the longest and for this I decided to bend the rules a bit and have gone for a book that has been on my ebook tbr the longest😆 and that is:

I was a teenage ghost hunter by Brian Henry

I should of read this book during the Halloween month because that would be more appropriate but once again I am late with everything. I’m intrigued by the synopsis of this one and am excited to have a light read on this tbr because… there is a lot of books on here😂.

For the third prompt (to read a classic) I didn’t know what to read because I have pretty much read all the classics that I am interested in reading but there is a book that is loosely based on jane Austen styled books coming in my January book box club box so I decided to bend the rules a bit again and go for that one. Unfortunately I don’t know what it is yet😂.

The fourth prompt which was to read a book that I put down, I also went for an ebook and that is:

Monsters of music by Rebecca F. Kenney

I started reading this a couple of months ago but then had so much other stuff to read I completely forgot about it. Luckily I wasn’t that far in so I think I will just start it again. This is a phantom of the opera retelling and also gender-bent? I can’t remember if that is correct so don’t quote me on it but I am pretty sure.

For the fifth prompt (to start and finish a series) I decided to go for:

The grey bastards by Jonathon french

I have been meaning to get to this series forever. I have heard great things about it and I really want to read if for myself to see what all the fuss is about.

And for the sixth and final prompt (read a book for review or a gift) I decided to go with:

Truth hurts by Rebecca Reid

I am reading this book in January anyway for the blog tour so I thought I might as well use it for the prompt. I have been trying to get back into mystery and thrillers recently and this one sounds like a really food read so I couldn’t say no to it (even though I have so many books to read already not to mention reveiw😂).

Right now on to the rest of the books on my tbr!


Angel avenger by Tim wickenden

So I decided to kick of january by reading some of my long outstanding ebook/review books because there are a lot and I don’t like it as it’s getting me down (don’t as me why). This is also a thriller and another one that has really caught my eye. I really hope I like this one!

Flame guardian by Kristin can dissighan

I don’t know much about this one because I was sent it for review so long ago that I have totally forgot. I might go into it blind I don’t know yet. It must of been intriguing though otherwise I wouldn’t of said yes? Let’s hope so hehe.

Esme’s wish by Elizabeth Foster

This one isn’t an outstanding book for review, it’s actually one of the new ones I was sent (by that I mean a month andddd a bit😂, which is early for me). This is an MG and I have heard it is a mystery with magic and loads of other things and I couldn’t wait so I am going to read it now.

Mrs p’s book of dares by Lorna Grey

I wanted to have this reviewed during the month of December but I misjudged how busy December would be and that never happened🙈 but I’m hoping to have this up for review sometime (hopefully early January) in January.


Sky in the deep by Adrienne Young

I have heard great things about this one also. It’s been a long time since I have read anything Viking related and I’ve never read anything by Adrienne Young so I’m interested to see whether I like her writing style.

Serpent and dove by Shelby Mahurin

I read about 110 pages of this book in October and put it down because of a reading slump and then didn’t pick it up after. I really want to read this now because not only was it good but if I don’t read it now then I am going to forget a lot of what I have already read. Should I go back and reread the beginning? I don’t know 🤔

The left hand of god by Paul Hoffman

I still have no idea what this book is about but I am intrigued by the cover and have heard great things about Paul Hoffman’s writing and books so I’m hoping that I like it also.

I believe in a thing called love by Maurene Goo

I think this is the only contemporary/ romance on this tbr. I have been meaning to read this for a while (I have been saying that about this book for over a year🤦‍♀️). Maurene goo is a great contemporary author in my opinion and I’m hoping that I like this one as much as I liked somewhere only we know!

Shadow of the hangman by Edward Marston

I am a huge fan of Edward Marston’s books especially his railway detective series. I read book two of this series (you don’t have to read them in order) last year and really enjoyed it so I am thinking of reading the whole series in order and I’m quite excited for it.

I am really pushing myself with this tbr and I apologise for the amount of times I say ‘ I’m excited to read this’ I just am excited to read them😆🙈😂.

What are you all reading during the month of January? Are any of you participating in the get shit done readathon? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading!